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My last journal talked a lot.  This one, not so much ;P

The decision to take on a new challenge and get myself into the assistant manager position with GameStop is happening!  Things are not finalized yet, however it could be within the next couple of days that everything comes though, and then I will start asap.  So what was a whirlwind of emotions and excitement has continued and turned into a whirlwind of learning new things and reminding myself what I feel it is to be a gamer.

I really wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the DD I was given a few weeks ago!  
Ive tried to get messages replied to, but really have not made a dent in all of the favs given towards that image.  
So thank you anyone and everyone, as always, for all of the support you provide me with!  

Special thanks to :iconnichrysalis: for suggesting one of my wallpapers!!

And to the fabulocity of :iconvsconcepts: for featuring!  

The 2 of you really did add some confidence and ever appreciated inspiration!  :thanks:

Quick, but sweet right?  :glomp:

Hope that everyone out there is having an awesome summer so far!
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