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My favorite month is here!  :dance:

Ill admit I'm bias, my birthday is at the end of the month, but isn't this truly a lovely time of year?  While only speaking from my personal observations, August is filled with a sort of hope.  A planning for the future that is instilled in us as children going back to school.  Summer is over and its time to start a new, focusing and working hard.  =]  I can feel it!  I can get into a sort of end of summer resolutions list!  Where I live lovely colours come out this time of year.  As the weather and the trees turn, its like a Disney movie moment for me sometimes, to feel the changing of the seasons I want to burst into song!  

Lately I've been horrible however.  I've not made time for much of anything.  Days go by where I think of making some photoshop art, but I do not.  The only thing I can use to pull myself out of this slump is the fact that I have been making a good handful of necklaces and beadwork crafts :aww:  Not nearly as much as I would like to claim.  Its so much fun making these necklaces and planning new designs!  I'm currently waiting on a shipment of new beads off of Etsy so that will be neat to get some new stuff made with!  

Right now the items I've been making are a mixture of items for sale and items for my household.  I've recently subscribed to instagram and have been trying to update my twitter with pictures of these items.  Here in another month and a half is when we have our annual rendezvous that I'm excited to experiment with some of my new stuff.  But for the time being, the things I do have up in my Etsy shop are on sale! 

On random update side note news; my son just turned 8 years old!  We have been really enjoying the new Mario Kart, it seems like every night our household goes through a prix or 2!  He will be in second grade this next year, and his favorite books are the "Bad Kitty" series, which coincidentally enough was the nick name to my very first car!  Im trying to quit smoking, for the umteenth time in my existence, but with the intentions of being the last!  And I just made a delicious zucchini bread, so I am going to taste test it ;P
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shinywen Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Happy early birthday to you, happy belated birthday to your son! You sound so busy to me with beadwork and everything else I can't believe you're in a "slump," but I know how it goes when you feel like you're not doing things to your potential. Those of us who deeply love your Photoshop work look forward to seeing more, but do what you need to do for you... we'll be here =)
Puppet-Child Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Though it may not be Photoshop artwork but at least it's still something and you are enjoying it!

Happy Birthday to your sun. And I'm glad you are enjoying Mario Kart 8!!
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August 1, 2014


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